OHICO Professional Temporary Hair Dye Vibrant Hair Color Highlights & Streaks Touch-up

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About the product
  • A RAINBOW OF POSSIBILITIES With 36 colors in one handy tray, you can color your hair any hue imaginable
  • Non-toxic, Do Not Harm To Your Hair.(Especially No 2-4 Amino Benzene Methyl Ether Which Is Existing In Most Hair Colorants And Able To Cause Cancer)
  • Size: 12.2×2.2×1.7cm Per Piece (Without Package) ; Capacity: 10 ml/set (Without Package);
  • Temporary Hair Color Touch-up, The Staying Power Up To Two Days; Easy To Apply, Color Washes Out Easily With Shampoo.


Product description


If you want highlights that look awesome, definitely worth it.

Style your hair the way you want first, then apply this stuff as if you were brushing your hair with the applicator brush. Do not brush after applying. It has an added bonus of keeping a nice hold on your hair, but if you use your hairbrush it will flake out and you’ll be sparkly. It washes out very easily, which is nice.

So fun, and an affordable and safe way to highlight. Perfect for us ladies who like variety without the hassle!


STEP 1: Before you dyeing your hair, if you have disposable glove and Hair Salon Nylon Cape, please wear them in case of dyeing your hands and clothing.?

STEP 2: Picking a color you like, then, spin out the fine comb to kindly brush a small piece of your hair from top to bottom.?

STEP 3: Once finishing dyeing, you can use hair dryer to make your hair dry faster.?

STEP 4: After drying your hair, you should use another side of the comb to brush extra dry dyeing cream away and make your hair softer and natural.?

STEP 5: If you use hair straighter and styling spray on your hair, it may last longer?

STEP 6: Finally, you can just use regular shampoo to wash off the color on your hair.

Additional information

Weight 100 g

Purple, Pink, Black


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